Weekend Burrito Brigade

Volunteers fill and roll burritos at Eugene Burrito Brigade

Since our inception in 2014, Burrito Brigade has been preparing and distributing nutritious, vegan burritos on Saturdays and Sundays – the most food insecure days of the week. Since 2014, we have distributed more than 300,000 burritos!

Every weekend, dozens of volunteers help prepare burrito filling, stuff and roll hundreds of burritos, and distribute them across the community. Usually around 600-700 burritos per weekend! All of our distribution is powered by our amazing crew of dedicated volunteers. Some distribution is done by bicycle, and some of it is done by car.

We use our own special recipe to make our burrito filling and the sauces we use, but a significant amount of our ingredients are rescued food items, such as peppers, tomatoes, and leafy greens from local grocery stores, restaurants, and farms.




There are four volunteers standing together around a stainless steel countertop in a commercial kitchen. They are all wearing face masks and food prep gloves as they assemble burritos for Burrito Brigade. There is a grey, commercial food prep bin in the center of the counter with vegan burrito filling in it and a large spoon for portioning sticks out of the tub. Some burritos are being rolled up into foil, others are mid-fill, while some are still just a flat tortilla on the table waiting to be filled and wrapped by volunteers.
Volunteers assemble burritos for Burrito Brigade at the Food for Lane County location.









Volunteers assemble burritos for the Weekend Burrito Brigade.



Volunteers pause for a photo during Weekend Burrito Brigade Production














Waste to Taste logo: White background, an illustrated carrot in the center, with the words "Waste to Taste" over the top in the center, in black and white print.
Waste to Taste’s logo

Due to the ever-increasing demand for food assistance around our community, we’ve been expanding our operations, adding other food-sharing projects like the Little Free Pantries in 2019, and Waste to Taste in 2020 — though the heart of our operation continues to be distributing hot meals to those who need them.

We started the Little Free Pantry project in 2019 to help address food insecurity at a hyper-local, neighborhood level.

In 2020, we started a food rescue and barrier-free shopping program called Waste to Taste, in which we place good food that would otherwise be wasted directly into the hands of community members – for free, without proof of income or need for assistance.



Picture of a hand-painted Little Free Pantry in front of a building. There is grass around it, and bushes and trees in the background next to the building.
Little Free Pantry Artist: Celeste Schield Jacobi



Interested in volunteering? Sign up here. Questions? Contact us! Want to support our mission? Consider making a financial or in-kind donation!