Little Free Pantries

We have Little Free pantries installed and we need community help to check/stock them. Do you have extra canned or non-perishable food to stock?
Current locations:


Artist: Peighton Carmichael


  • 440 9th Street, Springfield (between C and D st)
  • 282 19th St, Springfield
  • 1926 G st, Springfield (corner of 19th and G st)
  • 205 N. 23rd Street (Hope Community Church)
  • 2400 D St Springfield
  • 360 57th Street
  • 840 3rd Place


  • Corner of 36th and Mill Street, Eugene (Near Tugman park)
  • 2240 Cleveland Street, Eugene
  • 340 Heritage, Eugene
  • 2055 Patterson, (Eugene YMCA)
  • Wilkes Dr just past Scenic (1/3 mile from River rd)
  • Waite Street near Pattison Eugene (Bethel area)
  • N. Grand about a block from Whit Head start

    Artist: Wendi Kai
  • W. 25th/ Jackson
  • On Argon/Bryon near Spring Creek Elementary
  • On Hyacinth down the street from Irving Elementary
  • Across from Fairfield Elementary. Corner of Richard and Fairfield
  • Corner of W 18th and Mistletoe
  • Corner of Alva Park dr/Elmira
  • On Madison between 4th and 5th
  • 2010 Praslin
  • 4930 Royal Ave
  • 870 W 16th
  • Broadway and Jefferson
City of Eugene Artist Collaborations
  • Broadway/Tyler
  • Acorn Park
  • 39th/Potter behind Kincaid park
  • 1775 W 13th

Junction City

  • End of Dorsa


  • 1600 Rhododendron drive- Greentree Village Community


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    Pantry Art

    Pantry Photo Credit: Dana Vion (