Little Free Pantries

Need Food?
We have Little Free Pantries in neighborhoods throughout Eugene and Springfield, as well as Junction City and Florence. Our volunteers help to check the pantries and stock them with food. See addresses and map below for locations.

Have Food to Share?
We rely on pantry hosts and other volunteers to keep the Little Pantries stocked for our neighbors who might be experiencing food insecurity. Anyone can always stock the pantries with *nonperishables*, unopened beverages and hygiene products. In addition, there are two Community Fridge locations for fresh *perishable* items: 1790 Alder, and 870 W16th – these are high traffic locations and can always do with extra love!
Waste to Taste can even provide food for volunteers to stock – email waste2taste@burritobrigade.rog for more info. 

Current locations:

Artist: Peighton Carmichael


  • Corner of E. 36th Ave & Mill St (Near Tugman Park)
  • 750 E. 36th Pl
  • E. 24th Ave & Harris St (First Congregational Church)
  • 2055 Patterson St (Eugene YMCA)
  • 53 W. 24th Pl (near Portland Alley intersection)
  • 870 W. 16th Ave (includes community refrigerator)
  • W. 25th Ave & Jackson St 
  • 2240 Cleveland St
  • Mistletoe St & W. 18th Ave
  • Corner of Parliament St & Princeton Dr
  • 800 block of Jefferson St (just north of W. Broadway)
  • 810 West 3rd
  • N. Grand St (just north of Whiteaker Head Start)
  • 505 River Rd
  • 340 Heritage Ave
  • 275 Hamilton Ave
  • 855 Howard Ave (across from Kelly Middle School)
  • Wilkes Dr just east of Scenic Dr (1/3 mile east of River Rd)
  • Argon St near Bryon St
  • Corner of Hyacinth St & Bobolink Ave (just south of Irving Elementary)
  • Corner of Fairfield Ave & Richard St (across from Fairfield Elementary)
  • Waite St near Pattison St
  • Alva Park Dr near Elmira Rd
  • 4930 Royal Ave (across from Candlelight Dog Park)
  • 2010 Praslin St


With City of Eugene/Artist Collaborations

  • Corner of W Broadway & Tyler St
  • 1775 W. 13th Ave
  • Acorn Park – 1520 Buck St
  • 39th & Potter St (across from Kincaid Park)


  • T St between 14th & 15th St
  • 751 W. Fairview Dr
  • 239 W. K St
  • 840 3rd Pl
  • 440 9th St (between C & D St)
  • 1400 block of F St (next to St. Alice Church)
  • 1926 G St (corner of 19th and G St)
  • 205 N. 23rd St (Hope Community Church) 
  • 2400 D St
  • 844 S 32nd St
  • Corner of 51st Pl & Bluebelle Way
  • 3985 Commercial Ave
  • 360 57th St
  • 1483 E St
  • 385 S 37th St
  • 532 C St(facing 6th)

Junction City

  • End of Dorsa St


  • 1600 Rhododendron Dr (Greentree Village Community



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    Pantry Art

    Pantry Photo Credit: Dana Vion (