Weekend Burrito Brigade

There are four volunteers standing together around a stainless steel countertop in a commercial kitchen. They are all wearing face masks and food prep gloves as they assemble burritos for Burrito Brigade. There is a grey, commercial food prep bin in the center of the counter with vegan burrito filling in it and a large spoon for portioning sticks out of the tub. Some burritos are being rolled up into foil, others are mid-fill, while some are still just a flat tortilla on the table waiting to be filled and wrapped by volunteers.
Volunteers assemble burritos for Burrito Brigade at the Food for Lane County location.

Burrito Brigade started in 2014, and has hand-delivered more than 300,000 nutritious vegan meals to hungry individuals in Eugene and Springfield to date. We target two of the most food-insecure days: Saturdays and Sundays. Our unique distribution model delivers hot meals directly to the hungry via foot, bicycle, and automobile. 


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Little Free Pantries

A Little Free Pantry is being refilled by a volunteer. A hand is reaching into the open door of the pantry to add freshly made Burrito Brigade burritos. The pantry is vibrantly painted with blues, greens, blacks, yellows, oranges, reds, painting an abstract landscape of a sky with clouds and black birds flying. There is some hand-painted writing in the center that reads "Little Free Pantry."
A volunteer drops off burritos at the North Grand Little Free Pantry Location.

Little Free Pantries are designed to address food insecurity at a hyper-local level. The motto is “Take what you need, give what you can.” It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors. If you are interested in hosting a pantry, helping make sure they stay well stocked, or are in need of food, click “learn more.”


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Waste to Taste

The photographer stands near the check-in table for Waste to Taste, which is not pictured here. They are looking down the first row of WTT. On the lefthand side there are built-in wooden cabinets with dry goods neatly stacked all along the length of the countertops. At the end of the row are windows that look out to 6th Avenue, facing south. There is a white, plastic shelf at the far end of the row with canned goods stacked together on each shelf. In the foreground on the right-hand side, there is a black, metal shelf with loaves of bread neatly stacked together. The floor is wooden, the walls are white.
A glimpse of the Waste to Taste food pantry

Burrito Brigade hosts a food pantry Monday–Friday, by appointment. We partner with local businesses, grocery stores, and farms to rescue usable food that would otherwise end up in landfills, and redistribute it to people in need. 

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