About Us


Burrito Brigade is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to feed the hungry and unhoused in Oregon through our threefold programs: Weekend Burrito Brigade, Little Free Pantries, and Waste to Taste.

There is enough food in Oregon to feed every hungry person, but there is a lack of access. We are committed to engaging the community in the fight to end hunger through a network of volunteers and partnerships with local organizations. Burrito Brigade works with, accepts donations from, and provides food for the public — regardless of housing status, ability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, social status, addiction, criminal background, religious affiliation, or age. 

It is our belief that food is a human right.



Burrito Brigade started in 2014, and has hand-delivered thousands of nutritious vegan meals to hungry individuals across Eugene and Springfield. (As of Spring 2023, we’ve delivered more than 300,000 meals!) Burrito Brigade targets two of the most food-insecure days: Saturdays and Sundays. Our unique distribution model ensures hot meals make it directly into the hands of hungry folks by way of foot or bike delivery, as well as by volunteer drivers.

We have expanded our operations since our inception in 2014, and setup Little Free Pantries, hosted by helping hands throughout the state, and opened up Waste to Taste, a barrier-free food pantry where folks can shop from a wide selection of nutritious, rescued foods.


Waste to Taste operates Monday – Friday, by appointment only. We work with local restaurants, grocery stores, and farms to rescue food that would otherwise be wasted, and get that food to people in need.

Waste to Taste is setup like a grocery store, where our shoppers navigate food by sections, and select what their household will use and enjoy. This model helps reduce waste further, compared to models where families receive pre-made food boxes. Because of food sensitivities and allergies, dietary needs, and religious or cultural customs, a one-box-fits-all method is not ideal. Waste to Taste offers a dignified experience with no questions asked of our shoppers, and no proof of need required.


The Little Free Pantries work to address food insecurity at a local level. The Little Free Pantry motto is: “Take what you need. Give what you can.” It is all about neighbors helping neighbors. If you are interested in hosting a pantry in your neighborhood, or want to help make sure they stay well stocked, click here for more information. If you are looking for food close to home, check out your nearest Little Free Pantry. You can search for one here either through the list provided or using the interactive map.



There are many ways to to get involved! You can fill out a volunteer form to join one of our many projects, or you can donate money, supplies, and food. Burrito Brigade and its various projects are made possible by generous and compassionate community members like you!