Volunteer spotlight: Jim Winter

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Volunteer spotlight! Jim is one of our most dedicated volunteers. Get to know Jim a bit better in the interview below!

Q: Tell us how you first got involved in with Burrito Brigade.
A: I first got involved with Burrito Brigade because of a post on facebook. I had recently had friended lots of local activists and vegans. I believe it was a post from Heather Beck on one of the local Eugene pages. I was looking for something to help out in the community and this looks interesting. It was early November and local animal right rallies had slowed down. I already had devoted my Sundays to help out on a cause I believed in. This also looked like something I could get my son involved in also. I always wanted to do something more for the houseless other than giving them a few bucks on the corner. Soon after my first day volunteering with Burrito Brigade I signed up for Egan Warming Centers.

Q: What’s your first memory of Burrito Brigade?
A: My first memory was pulling up to this house and seeing people washing vegetables outside in the cold with a garden hose. I was welcomed immediately by Heather and introduced to everyone in the house. I felt welcome and comfortable immediately. To my right was steam coming from a huge pot of beans and to my left was a large table with many people cutting away. My first task was to count and mark 100’s of pieces of tin foil. Then I helped cut some vegetables. As the new guy I was given the job of the counter. I admit I lost count a few times, but we put everything in cardboard boxes, so I made sure every box had the same amount. Made it easier to recount. Then Heather asked if someone wanted to come with on the drops to the camps. I asked to come with and we headed out. I was completely amazed my how many camps and houseless there really was. I knew then I was going to make Burrito Brigade a big part of my life. Meeting and talking with much of Eugene’s hungry has changed my life and I am a huge advocate to feed and house those in need.

Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting involved (donating, volunteering, etc.)?
A: I would urge people to set aside some time on a Sunday a month or more to come down and volunteer. Try everything. From cutting veggies, washing dishes, stirring beans, rolling and wrapping burritos, counting and packing them. Go on drops at least once and help us walk around town and hand out burritos. If you cant make it down, try and grow some food for us to chop or see our posts about what we need to help. Its an amazing organization and I am proud to see it grow and honored to be apart of it. Most all it bring me such peace to walk around town and see so many hungry people chowing down on our burritos.