Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Denson

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If you’ve ever done anything for Burrito Brigade, even just a little, chances are that you’ve met Jen Riehl or Charles (Chuck) Denson, a dynamite brother-sister duo who serve on our Board of Directors and do so much to keep our burrito making operations run smoothly. But as our regular volunteers know, the Denson sibling powerhouse is really a dynamite TRIO. Steven Denson is one of our most dedicated volunteers, and also one of our most humble. You can find him nearly every Sunday cooking up a storm, walking and driving all over town to distribute food to hungry Eugenians, and sometimes also other useful supplies donated from his workplace, Value Village. Steven goes above and beyond for Burrito Brigade (and thus for people in need) every week, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without him. We recently asked Steven to share his thoughts with us about Burrito Brigade:

1. How did you first become involved with Burrito Brigade?
I First became involved with Burrito brigade when my sister Jennifer mentioned to me that she was doing it, and that she found out about it on Facebook. I thought that it sounded so awesome and I knew I had to get involved and become a part of it!

2. You work at Value Village and have done a lot to get the store and your coworkers involved with Burrito Brigade. Could you tell us more about what you’ve done to connect Value Village with Burrito Brigade?
[Once I become involved with Burrito Brigade] I started to slowly introduce them to what I was doing. They were very impressed. At first I was buying things with my own money to donate to Burrito Brigade but then my coworkers thought there could be a way they could help too. So they figured out a way that they could start giving me water bottles, blankets, and other essentials to give to the less fortunate. Value Village does a lot to help the community, and they know Burrito Brigade does too and they wanted to assist us with our work. I have also sold our T-shirts to about a dozen of the employees. They love the shirts and they love to wear them and show their support. They actually wear them every Friday, since Friday is the day that we’re allowed to wear green. It’s really cool!

3. What’s your favorite memory of Burrito Brigade?
I wouldn’t say i have one favorite memory. Every Sunday Is a new great memory, since I get to work alongside all the other great volunteers. And it makes it that much better getting to do it with my awesome sis Jen and me awesome brother Charles. [I also love] getting to pass them out to this great community. [The people we feed] are so thankful and grateful. That makes it all worth it for me. And great moments and memories!

4. What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting involved with Burrito Brigade?
If anybody is looking to get involved with Burrito Brigade. I would tell them that all they have to do is try it once and they will love it. They will be hooked! They will feel great after making a difference and helping others. There so many ways to help and get involved. Whether it’s donating any of the great food that is part of the burritos, kitchen products, money to help us get other things that we need we need, or donating their time by volunteering… it all helps. It all makes a difference. We appreciate it all very much. We couldn’t do it without all the great volunteers and donors that are part of the Burrito Brigade community!