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  1. Hey all! Southern Oregon Rising Tide, a Medford-based environmental justice group, is putting together an action weekend in Eugene October 16 to 19.

    Meals and coffee will be free to all attendees, but we are operating on a $0 budget and we need all the help we can get!

    We were wondering if y’all would be interested in helping us prepare and serve a meal on the 19th or 18th (or 16th or 17th, any time that works for y’all). Please give me a call at 720-261-6661 if you’re interested!


  2. I have been doing sporatic food gathering from my place of work and giving it out but thinking about soup and various other options for a more organized methodology. I really enjoyed seeing what you are doing. I wonder if I could learn a little more about how you do it, how I might replicate your production etc. I live in suburbs but work in Berkeley/Oakland area.


  3. I can find no times or locations for burritos. I am homeless and hungry reading all this great praise but not one clue on where to find these hunger killing burritos! Where are they? Thank you!


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