Burrito Brigade serves its 50,000th meal!

EUGENE, Ore. – Burrito Brigade, a grassroots non-profit organization serving hungry individuals in Eugene/Springfield, celebrated a milestone today, serving its 50,000th nutritious hot vegan meal since its inception 28 months ago. According to Lisa Levsen, Burrito Brigade Vice President and organizer, volunteers cheered when the landmark meal – a vegan sloppy joe served in pita... Continue Reading →


We are in the Register Guard!

The Register Guard came to Burrito Brigade on Dec. 20th and wrote a great article on the work we are doing. We are so thankful to all the volunteers, donors, and community support that makes Burrito Brigade run every week! You can read the Register Guard article below or on their website. By Alisha Roemeling... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Spotlight: Kendra Lady

Just as sure as our burritos are vegan, so is it safe to bet that Kendra Lady had a role (roll? haha) in making them on any given Sunday. She has been one of our most consistent and dedicated volunteers since she first started helping this summer. We are all in awe of her unbounded... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Denson

If you’ve ever done anything for Burrito Brigade, even just a little, chances are that you’ve met Jen Riehl or Charles (Chuck) Denson, a dynamite brother-sister duo who serve on our Board of Directors and do so much to keep our burrito making operations run smoothly. But as our regular volunteers know, the Denson sibling... Continue Reading →

Volunteer spotlight: Jim Winter

Volunteer spotlight! Jim is one of our most dedicated volunteers. Get to know Jim a bit better in the interview below! Q: Tell us how you first got involved in with Burrito Brigade. A: I first got involved with Burrito Brigade because of a post on facebook. I had recently had friended lots of local activists... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie Bashein Emerson

Stephanie is one of our most dedicated volunteers. She shows up every single week ready to chop, wrap and roll burritos. We are forever grateful for the time and energy she puts into Burrito Brigade. Without volunteers like Stephanie, we would not be able to provide food on the scale that we currently do. Thank you Stephanie!

Burrito Brigade on Jefferson Public Radio

Listen on JPR: http://ijpr.org/post/burrito-brigade-serves-eugene-hungry People go hungry in America, despite the country's wealth. And in Eugene, one program to provide food to the hungry keeps the effort compact: in a tortilla, in fact. The Burrito Brigade provides burritos--all vegan--to hungry local people and travelers on Sundays. The program continues to grow and seek volunteers; Jennifer Riehl joins... Continue Reading →

Burrito Brigade on Jefferson Public Radio

One of our organizers, Jennifer Riehl was interviewed on Jefferson Public Radio on Tuesday July 21st. If you missed it you can listen to it here:  http://ijpr.org/post/burrito-brigade-serves-eugene-hungry Here is the article from Jefferson Public Radio: People go hungry in America, despite the country's wealth. And in Eugene, one program to provide food to the hungry... Continue Reading →

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