Jennifer Denson, Executive Director

I’m Jennifer Denson. I have lived in Eugene most of my life. I got involved after seeing Facebook request for more volunteers when Burrito Brigade was in a home in the Whit(June 2014) I have always wanted to help others and this is a great way to give back. Bonus is I get to share this wonderful project with my brothers Charles and Steve.



Board of Directors

Kathy Calise, President

I live in Eugene with my husband Chris. We first heard about the Burrito Brigade when a group of folks were making burritos out of a house in the Whit and they were looking for donations. We have supported the Burrito Brigade almost from the beginning.. We believe in the mission of the organization and the impact it can and has had on the community. Burrito Brigade brings people together for a better Eugene/Springfield. People helping people.


Liz Hurkes, Vice President

I’ve been in the PNW for 16 years, but am originally from North Dakota. I became a Burrito Brigade dabbler during a time when I was obsessed with burritos and couldn’t believe that there was an organization in Eugene that was obsessed with burritos, too, and in a really great way. I finally became a regular last fall after moving back to Eugene. Making hundreds of burritos with a group of people is a great social activity, but handing them out with dignity and connecting to the community is even better. And now it’s gone beyond with food rescue efforts and pantries. I’m excited to be here, and to see what is in our future.


Asher Kramerberry, Secretary

I am Asher Kramerberry, a Eugene Oregon native and avid animal lover. I joined Burrito Brigade in 2017 with my family. As a young person, I appreciated that Burrito Brigade valued my participation. I wanted to become involved because I felt that it was important to work towards the changes that I wanted to see in our community, one of which being food insecurity. I think that organizations like Burrito Brigade are fundamental to creating a positive and equitable future by helping to provide those in need with a basic human necessity; food.


Charles Denson, Treasurer

I was born in Eugene but grew up in New Mexico. I first heard about Burrito Brigade from my sister and brother (Jennifer and Steve) as soon as I moved back to Eugene in December 2014 I started volunteering! I’ve cared about inequality for a long time but having an opportunity to volunteer and hang out with my siblings was a big motivation to get involved.  My first time volunteering with Burrito Brigade was deeply impactful because everyone we interacted with was so grateful to receive a warm meal and I immediately knew I would be coming back every weekend to help. Burrito Brigade has made an impact for so many people not only by giving away fresh & healthy meals but in giving people an opportunity to come together and take direct action to address problems.


Ashleigh Brantingham

I’m Ashleigh from Portland Burrito Brigade, but I grew up in Nevada. I found out about BB when it was still just a Eugene operation, and after watching from afar for a couple years I was super excited to get involved with the Portland chapter! I was drawn to Burrito Brigade because it’s a tangible way to address a problem that I see in the community every day, and I still think that’s our primary strength as an organization is that we empower people to build the kinds of communities that they want to live in. In my free time I pursue a career in digital marketing, but I never stop thinking about burritos.


Gabby Thuillier

I’m Gabby from Portland Burrito Brigade. I first learned about Burrito Brigade when I moved to Portland in 2019. Food insecurity is a cause I am deeply passionate about so I instantly connected with the organization’s mission. I also have a love of being in the kitchen and find joy in sharing a warm meal with others. Ever since rolling and distributing my first burritos I was hooked and am now excited to be a part of the board as we continue to grow the Portland chapter.